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Help save local green lanes

We are in danger of losing our rights to ride road legal motorcycles on these 2 byways in Surrey The outcome may affect byways throughout the country if the traffic regulation orders (TROs) are successful.  We need as many people to object to the TROs as possible and time is short.  Please circulate the suggested proformas to your staff / group members and ask them to submit either the long or abbreviated objection attached.  Objections need to be sent to Hannah Gutteridge by the end of this month.
Thank you for all your help to date but we must keep trying.
Ron Lumley  ( Surrey TRF )

Byway 538 (Silkmore Lane) and Byway 539 (Fullers Farm Road)

more info here: saynototro.com

Objection_ long_538.539_Jan11

Objection_ short_538.539_Jan11

Please feel free to forward this info/page to any other riders who can assist with this campaign.

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