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Next Club Trial Dec 5th Mannings Heath

Horsham Riders Club Trial, at Sheephovel Woods, Mannings Heath 5th December. Open to all riders, enter on the day. RH13 6HY is up the road a bit! Start 10.00 ish. If you can help lay out on the Saturday Morning let me know, thanks

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Club Trial Rome Woods 3rd October

Club Trial at Rome Woods 3rd October

Capel Rd, Rusper SURREY RH12 4PZ. All riders welcome, start 10.30.

We are looking for help with laying out on the Saturday morning. Best done on foot and then checking your handiwork early on Sunday.

Contact Mike if you can help 01403 257626

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Club Trial Results

Mannings Heath , when it’s properly dry, gives a us a few good steep climbs and  that’s where the marks were lost.

A lovely warm day for a trial but still a relatively small entry of 23
Hope for more next time now that we are back to normal with
punches, results etc. Thanks to Mike, Garry, Harry and Tim D
for laying out on Saturday
Well done to Tristan (Harry’s grandson) aged 5 – first trial
Hopefully he’ll become a better rider than Harry!!

Results Sept 2021 MH

Please let Mike know if you can help lay out

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Horsham Riders on Facebook

  We are back on Facebook as a  FB group – see here

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Club Trial Sept 5th – Mannings Heath

Next club trial is 5th Sept at Sheephovel Woods Mannings Heath.

Enter on the day – all riders welcome. Start 10.30.

Note, my facebook page still blocked/hacked so please share this on FB if you can, thanks, Mike.

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Club Trial entry details 1st August Northlands

Club Trial 1st August at Northlands Wood. RH12 4PP is near.

We need some help setting out, please contact Mike – thanks.

We are taking entries on the day. Scoring as previous trials – punch cards supplied – score yourself & bring your own punch/tool.

Enter score on results sheet at finish and/or email/phone total to Mike.

Parking instructions may be given by a club official, you must park responsibly to ensure you observe current social distancing guidelines i.e. maintain a distance of 2m from other participants.
The AMCA are insisting that riders sign on using their form, so please bring your own pen and use your own hand sanitiser before and after signing on.
To reduce the risk of transmission from cash handling, fees have been adjusted to avoid the need for change, the new charges are Members Adults £15, Juniors £10. Non members – Adults £20 Juniors £10 The correct money should be placed in the container provided at the signing on desk, no old style £20 notes, No bike washing on site.

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Horsham Riders – The First Trial ….Results!

This turned up on the “Old Trials & Motocross news” facebook group – it was the first Horsham Riders Club trial at Mannings Heath. March 1995. How many there are still riding?

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Club Trial News & Results


Results from Northlands Club Trial results

We called it a practice trial, so only a few declared a score…..

Tom H ripped round quick to beat the weather & clean up on the Blue route.

Thanks to Tim D, Jack & Alan for laying out in the rain. And our course clearers including Team Challice & Gary Budge.

Our next trial is booked for November 15th at Rome Woods – entries will be available nearer the time. The date is later in the month due to Group trials moving forward in November.

Len Hutty Memorial Group Trial (combined groups Nov1) details here

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January Club Trial

A Winters Club Trial Jan 5th 2020. start 10.00 ish. ROME WOODS, CAPEL Rd, Rusper SURREY RH12 4PZ, Any rider welcome. Enter on the day.


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Club Trial Results

Results from Kingsfold

Results Aug 19

Thanks to Team Fantics for laying out – Adam and Barrie Birchmore, Bob Wort, John Illingworth and Jacob and Adrian – not really the team but good of them to help lay out. Yellows had an easy day but not so for the blues but hopefully everyone enjoyed the day.



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