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The 2013 Ladder


2013 Ladder is published see here: Ladder 2013

Previous editions see the Ladder Page

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2011 Ladder published

Ladder 2011

For newcomers a short explanation is required. You have to ride in and
complete 4 HR Trials in the year to be eligible for a ladder listing (all on the
same route). The more events you ride the better as some worst scores get
dropped i.e. 11 rides, 8 are counted; 10 -7, 9 -7, 8 -6, 6 -5. Scores are added
and averaged and a bonus point for every trial entry is deducted for the final
score. Surprisingly it works!! In 2011 41 names made it onto the rungs with
two significant names missing – Clint and Luke T and it pleased Sean as he
got top spot on whites, while John C was able to reclaim his 2nd spot from 5
years ago! Tony F climbed to 3rd, his best year. Tom B split his time between
White and Blue ending 9th and 5th respectively, hopefully he’ll stay on white
Best positions on Blue were as 2010 though Steve P got a rung for the first
time, Graham and Tim were 1 and 2, the Chairman climbed higher while
Adrian H was rooted and Pete and Benge grounded. Yellows were even more
of a repeat John Y and Kevin McDavitt 1 and 2, but Brian B interjected pushing
Mick D off his 3rd rung. Nigel B took most benefit from the bonus system to
rise above John P and Chris H due to their absenteeism. Finally those who do
2 routes with 4 events on neither do not get a rung of honour – sorry Elaine
you mixed Red and Yellow – better luck on all routes this year.

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2010 Ladder


As you may know Horsham Riders does not run a club Championship.  Instead of buying a barrowload of trophies each year we make a donation to the the club’s charity Riders for Health.

The Ladder is way of showing your riding performance though the year. It was designed by Dick, so questions and comments to him! In order to do well on the ladder you need to do a lot of club trials and finish losing not too many marks which are averaged, make sure you do lots in the dry months to keep the total low and you could end up HR No 1 on W,B,Y, or R the star performance!!!  Ladder Rules: To be entered on the ladder you must complete 4 events- Complete 6 events or more and you drop some of your worst results ie  Complete 6 or 7 – Drop 1, Complete 8 or 9-Drop 2, Complete 10 or 11-Drop 3, Complete 12 + – Drop 4.

Scores in those events are totalled and averaged, From average deduct a bonus point for each event entered . That gives your score on the ladder, got that…..good!

2010 Ladder

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