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Charity trial results

Thanks to team and all helpers for getting everything together for this Adrian, Adam, Tim, Mike, Tony Flegg, Phil etc. Russell and anyone else who helped. We decided to make this trial 20 sections to see how it went, it was quite a lot of work to set out but we had many complimentary comments so all worthwhile which is good. Shame about the rain early Sunday morning, but it did make the sections slightly tricky. Finally thanks to Russell’s other half, Jane, for helping with the raffle all proceeds from the trial and raffle will go to Charity.



Results  Saturday

Results  Sunday

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Charity/camping 2 day Trial 6th & 7th July


Charity/camping 2 day Trial 6th & 7th July

Trial Saturday from about 13.30 or so, one lap of 20 sections –

Trial Sunday from 10.30 2 laps of 20 sections.

Friday 5th July
The gate at the top corner with Green Lane will be open at noon.  Bring with you your tents, water and tipple plus food especially for the barbecue. A toilet has been ordered! There’s a few jobs to be done like collecting wood for the evening bonfire.

Saturday 2nd July
09.30 Setting out the course for the trial which starts about 1.30 pm. But before then you can hand in your contributory raffle prizes and get your arm twisted to spend excessively on tickets to win them back – it’s a terrible con but all in aid of a good cause!! Then there’s the barbecue,  and of course consuming the beer in front of the fire.

Sunday 3rd July
Is the day of the proper club trial starting at 10.30 am. Your arm will be twisted to buy even more raffle tickets, especially those not riding on Saturday. The draw will take place at lunchtime to allow winners to collect their prizes.

Later in the afternoon, it’s time to clear up and help is always welcome. We do provide rubbish bins but these are really for the beer cans/bottles, not general rubbish which we would be grateful if you could take home with you.

And here’s some pics from 10 years ago! 2009 Camping Trial

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Charity Fundraising News

This year we’ve donated to the Sussex Air Ambulance. This donation is mainly from our charity Two day trial plus other donations, such as having no trophies for our trials… we just ride for fun! So thank you to all the riders, course plotters & admin bods  for supporting us last year and here’s to more of the same in 2019.

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Camping Trial photos

Steve’s photos from Northlands camping weekend are here

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TMX report


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Trials are easy! Today’s results

   Thanks to Ian, Paul, Neil and Chris for laying out. The weather was good and the ground was dry which resulted in an easy trial with many low scores – must have suited the beginners. A low entry due to Greybeards on the same day but thanks to all those who came and hope you had a good day! I mentioned to Russell when signing on that he was No 1 – he said I’m never first – but today he was first equal = a first !!



NEXT TRIAL – 30TH JUNE/1ST JULY – TEAM MONTIES – ROME WOODS CAMPING WEEKEND – NORTHLANDS WOODS – TEAM KWACKERS As usual we will be setting up late Friday afternoon so the site will be open and anyone wanting to camp Friday night also is very welcome All proceeds this year will go to Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance so have your spare cash ready for the raffle! Trial Saturday 14.00 pm followed by barbecue, beer etc round the fire, followed by usual Sunday Trial.

Results-June-2018 v2

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Horsham Riders Charity

This year’s charity The Royal Marsden sent HR this certificate for our fundraising activities. It’s mainly raised from our camping weekend trial raffle & land fees refund. The club’s founders have always thought a charity donation was preferred over trophies for championships etc.

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Camping Trial Pics

Photos from the 2-day trial here, thanks to Steve Hook

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TMX report

Steve’s report on the two-day trial. We think the rider captions wrong. Possibly Andy Marlor?

Penknife left at signing on…..

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Charity Trial Results

Thanks to everyone for helping over the weekend – Adrian, Adam, Mike, Tim, Jack, Russell, Josh, Tony, Emily and Phil – I think that was actually everyone that was there on Friday night! Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! Everyone seemed happy, the trial was fairly easy for most, and the weather perfect – what more could you want …..


6TH AUGUST – TEAM FANTICS If anyone can help with laying out this trial please give Adrian a call as we are bit short – thanks

Revised results July 17 results

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