December Club Trial – Cancelled

A spot of snow has fallen. Club trial cancelled.

Couldn’t see the white markers.

Yes the trial at Mannings Heath is off.

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November Club Trial Photos

Photos from Steve Hook

Nearly a swimmer! more here –   Club Trial November 2010
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Facebook? HR? yep.

‘spose it had to happen……

Horsham Riders Facebook page

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November Newsletter

November news here

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November Club Trial – Steve’s report

Open publication
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November Club Trial Results

Garry Budgen – more pics here:  Club Trial November 2010
Clint Leggett E W 17
Robin Ball C Y 0
Alan Aslett E W 20
Joe Davidson SB Y 2
Sean Parsons E W 21
John Pocklington O50 Y 4
Tony Flegg I W 41
John Yardley O50 Y 5
John Charman I W 67
Kevin McDavitt C Y 11
Mike Husband I W 96
Nigel Bray O50 Y 14
Peter Bowker E W dnf
Mick Dunstan C Y 16

Stephen Jones O50 Y 32
Sean Staker N B 10
Joe Aldrich SB Y 32
Tom Horsborough N B 18
Leslie Castle C Y 43
Sam Davidson SB B 20
Edward Timbrell SB Y 58
Keith Tracey O50 B 23

Dan Berrisford N B 27
Bill Platt W R 23
Sam Aldrich N B 27
C Staker W R 41
Garry Budgen O40 B 28
Adam Holloway SB R 47
Graham Knight N B 29
Elaine Dufaur W R 50
Tim Husband N B 40

Robert McKenzie N B 41

Tom Bray SB B 45
Analysis Entry % fin 1/2 way
Ian McCulloch O50 B 47
White 7 86 41
Stuart Evans N B 60
Blue 19 95 41
Alex Aslett SB B 61
Yellow 14 100 14
Adrian Holloway O40 B 68
Red 4 100 44
Dave Blackman N B 69

Mark Stubberfield N B 70

Seb Kelly O40 B 124

Chris Heron O50 B dnf

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