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April “One Route” Trial Results

Well almost one route, with a  graded 3-2-1 option on about 4 of the trickier sections.

A quick check of the cards revealed some were confused by the graded sections scoring , more on this in the newsletter.

Club Trial Results April 2011


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April Club Trial = One Route

April’s Very Special Trial Experiment

John Charman’s,  idea of a one route trial was adopted by the committee and will be set out by Clint for next months event.  In favours spoke of the opportunity for riders to try harder routes, the single list final scores at the finish and suggested progressive sections through 4 easy to hard yellows, 4 similar blue 2 whites.  Anti-proposal said whites would be bored and yellows would miss out on many sections.  However the decision was unanimous for having a go.

Years ago all trials were one route for all bikes 125 cc to 500 cc, the results produced a table of rider ability.  A perfect trial and a credit to the Clerks of the Course was Mr. Venables comment on a Greybeards in TMX, and to illustrate this he quoted the results – Cranfield won on 0 – Dick Husband last on 100!  If Clint gets a result like that it will be pleasing and who knows, with a special test added, it could become an annual club championship.  Whatever you miss out on, don’t miss this event.

So are we turning back the clock, or is this the way forward…


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March Club Trial : more photos

more here: Club Trial March 2011 more pics

John Gray kindly supplied some more pics from the last club trial.
If you want larger versions I’ll supply contact email.

Click here for more: Club Trial March 2011 more pics

From Club Trial March 2011 more pics
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March Club Trial Photos

more here: Club Trial March 2011
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March Club Trial Results

Looks like you had an easy day…


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Steve’s Resident Report

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Feb Club Trial Photos

Feb club trial photos here, thanks to Steve Hook

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February Club Trial Results

Results Feb 2011

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Steve’s Report in the Resident

Open publication
see also: New Year, New Winner
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Jan Club Trial Photos

more here: Club Trial Jan 2011

Steve Hook’s photos are here

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