Club Trial Results

  CLUB TRIAL – 3RD SEPTEMBER – MANNINGS HEATH Thanks to Team Jimmies for laying out, Harry Ross, John Yardley, Bob Collins & John Penfold.  Harry was there early on Sunday and looked quite worn out before he’d even started – but he often looks like that!! A good entry of 40 considering there was another trial on the same day, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

results v2 results revised – Bob W rode yellow route – If you change route, please write this on the back of the card, thanks.

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  1. Marking out on Saturday, it occurred to me that our 4 man team had an average age around high 60’s. I may be doing Harry a slight disservice. Conversations were largely medical related, prostrates seemed a major topic. I do realise that we are lucky to still be doing it, but the age profile of the sport is not encouraging. Still while it lasts, I enjoyed it.

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