Horsham Riders Club Motorcycle Trials in Surrey & Sussex


Club Trial Results

Thanks to Team Duggies - Andy Dudman, Adrian Holloway & Stephen Jones for laying out. Turned out easy for most as Saturdays rain has less effect than expected. A low turn out....was it the weather?

Next Club Trial Team Ajays - Rome Woods 6th January 2019


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Trials are easy! Today’s results

   Thanks to Ian, Paul, Neil and Chris for laying out. The weather was good and the ground was dry which resulted in an easy trial with many low scores - must have suited the beginners. A low entry due to Greybeards on the same day but thanks to all those who came and hope you had a good day! I mentioned to Russell when signing on that he was No 1 - he said I'm never first - but today he was first equal = a first !!



NEXT TRIAL - 30TH JUNE/1ST JULY - TEAM MONTIES - ROME WOODS CAMPING WEEKEND - NORTHLANDS WOODS - TEAM KWACKERS As usual we will be setting up late Friday afternoon so the site will be open and anyone wanting to camp Friday night also is very welcome All proceeds this year will go to Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance so have your spare cash ready for the raffle! Trial Saturday 14.00 pm followed by barbecue, beer etc round the fire, followed by usual Sunday Trial.

Results-June-2018 v2


Club Trial Results

    Thanks to Eric, Jack Ian, and Leslie for laying out - for once it was warm and sunny and dry compared to most of this years trials so far A good turnout for the Bank Holiday weekend and judging by the results relatively easy (certainly easier than Kingsfold lat month)

NEXT TRIAL - 3RD JUNE - TEAM MONTIES - ROME WOODS GROUP TRIAL - ROME WOODS - 13TH MAY - If you can help with observing, please let Mike know (01403 257626) - Thank You.



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Steve's T&MX report


Club Trial Results

Thanks to Adrian, Tim and Teabag Dave for laying out on
Saturday, which was very wet and cold, fortunately the weather
was dry on Sunday, but still quite slippy on the ground.
A good turnout again which is encouraging, hope everyone
enjoyed themselves

Results Feb 18.v3



TMX report


TMX reports from Jan & December thanks to Steve Hook.


November Club Trial – Northlands

 Club Trial Sunday at Northlands  - Results Nov17

Thanks to Team Greevies, Tom H, Graham, James, and Les for laying out. Fortunately the rain on Friday night had stopped and the ground dried out for Sunday - Good to see Phil, Tony & Cassie, also Clint and Garry Budgen. Phil gets the prize for the muddiest card !! Andy was so far ahead of the others on Whites that we had to check his cards twice!!

Riders please note - Please hang the card punch up somewhere visible after you've used it - to keep it out of the mud and handy for the following rider....

NEXT TRIAL - MANNINGS HEATH - 3rd DECEMBER - TEAM JIMMIES If anyone could help layout on this please give Adrian a call - thanks


Club Trial Results

  CLUB TRIAL - 3RD SEPTEMBER - MANNINGS HEATH Thanks to Team Jimmies for laying out, Harry Ross, John Yardley, Bob Collins & John Penfold.  Harry was there early on Sunday and looked quite worn out before he'd even started - but he often looks like that!! A good entry of 40 considering there was another trial on the same day, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

results v2 results revised - Bob W rode yellow route - If you change route, please write this on the back of the card, thanks.


Club Trial Results

RESULTS CLUB TRIAL - 6th AUGUST - KINGSFOLD Thanks to Team Fantics (and a few others) , John Illingworth, Michael Hyden, Adrian Holloway for laying out. Despite the rain on Saturday it was reasonably dry and most people had good rides - certainly Ian Mac with clean on Yellows. Tim Dowling provided extra entertainment by going head first into the stream (apparently this is the second time, it happened before at Mannings Heath!)


NEXT TRIAL - MANNINGS HEATH - 3RD SEPTEMBER - TEAM JIMMIES Adrian is looking for more White riders to help layout - so let him know if you can help