Horsham Riders Club Motorcycle Trials in Surrey & Sussex


2011 Ladder published

Ladder 2011

For newcomers a short explanation is required. You have to ride in and
complete 4 HR Trials in the year to be eligible for a ladder listing (all on the
same route). The more events you ride the better as some worst scores get
dropped i.e. 11 rides, 8 are counted; 10 -7, 9 -7, 8 -6, 6 -5. Scores are added
and averaged and a bonus point for every trial entry is deducted for the final
score. Surprisingly it works!! In 2011 41 names made it onto the rungs with
two significant names missing – Clint and Luke T and it pleased Sean as he
got top spot on whites, while John C was able to reclaim his 2nd spot from 5
years ago! Tony F climbed to 3rd, his best year. Tom B split his time between
White and Blue ending 9th and 5th respectively, hopefully he’ll stay on white
Best positions on Blue were as 2010 though Steve P got a rung for the first
time, Graham and Tim were 1 and 2, the Chairman climbed higher while
Adrian H was rooted and Pete and Benge grounded. Yellows were even more
of a repeat John Y and Kevin McDavitt 1 and 2, but Brian B interjected pushing
Mick D off his 3rd rung. Nigel B took most benefit from the bonus system to
rise above John P and Chris H due to their absenteeism. Finally those who do
2 routes with 4 events on neither do not get a rung of honour – sorry Elaine
you mixed Red and Yellow – better luck on all routes this year.

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